Integration Flow

This integration flow is specific to Point of Sale (POS) payment flows. The POS flow is slightly different to E-Commerce flows, so please ensure you follow the correct flow for your integration


Point of Sale (POS) Flow

Flow description

  1. Within Point-of-Sale (POS) system, the sales person chooses the Laybuy payment option.
  2. The POS creates a new Laybuy order by making a request to the Laybuy Create Order interface and passes the order details, including a unique merchant reference and the customer's mobile phone number.
  3. If the request fails, an error is displayed within the POS.
  4. If the request is successful, the customer is sent a link to the payment process via an SMS message.
  5. The POS uses the unique merchant reference to periodically call the Get Order interface to check for a completed order.
  6. The customer proceeds through the payment process on their mobile device.
  7. The POS then polls the Get Order interface. If the payment fails after a POS defined timeout or is cancelled, the POS displays an error and allows a retry, or alternative payment method
  8. If the payment is successful, the next call to the Get Order interface will return the details of the order. The sale can then be processed.

API End Points




The Laybuy API uses Basic Authentication, where the username is your merchant ID and the password is your API key. These details are available from the merchant interface.

Example Requests

curl '' -u '{merchantId}:{apiKey}'
<? $authHeader = 'Authorization: Basic ' . base64_encode($merchantId . ':' . $apiKey); ?>


The Laybuy Merchant API is REST-based.

Accepts and returns only JSON data.

All communication must be completed securely using HTTPS.